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This page describes recent changes to Shadow Defender, starting with the most recent release.
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Shadow Defender V1.4 Change History

Version - June 26, 2016
New: Increase the compatibility.
Fixed: A missing icon in Windows registry.

Version - May 3, 2016
New: Add the ability to exclude HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SAM Registry Item.
Fixed: Some minor bugs and changes.

Version - April 14, 2016
Fixed: compatible with Windows Explorer replacement software.
Fixed: compatible with Emsisoft Internet Security.

Version - April 3, 2016
Fixed: Fix a bug related to Windows Update in Windows 10.

Version - March 17, 2016
Fixed: Fix a bug related to Windows Update in Windows 10.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - November 25, 2015
Fixed: Fix a bug related to Exclusion List.
Fixed: Fix a bug related to Windows Update in Windows 10 Home Edition.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - October 9, 2015
Fixed: Optimize MBR protection.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - July 20, 2015
New: Supports Windows 10.
Fixed: Fix a bug related to AutoPlay.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - January 1, 2015
Fixed: A memory access violation.
Fixed: Can't recognize licenses in lower case.
Fixed: Suppress an annoying window when placing EFI partition in Shadow Mode.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - November 8, 2014
Fixed: Optimize system hibernation.
Fixed: Command line parameter '/now' can't work.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - September 1, 2014
New: Add the ability to exclude HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Item.
New: Check updates automatically.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Version - April 25, 2014
New: Track 0 virtualization.
New: Hidden boot volume will be shadowed automatically when system volume is shadowed.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Shadow Defender V1.3 Change History

Version - September 13, 2013
New: Supports Windows 8.1.
Fixed: A GUI bug related to Registry Exclusion List.

Version - August 13, 2013
New: One installation package for all supported Operating Systems.
Fixed: A bug related to File Exclusion List.

Version - August 5, 2013
New: Add Registry Exclusion List in Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Fixed: Some minor bugs

Shadow Defender V1.2 Change History

Version - April 6, 2013
New: Add a command line tool.
New: Auto reuse the space used by deleted files in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Version - February 17, 2013
New: Optimize SSD Trim function.
Fixed: A bug in Windows 8.

Version - February 14, 2013
New: Encrypt write cache.

Version - January 5, 2013
New: Compatible with SSD.

Version - November 26, 2012
New: Use RAM as write cache.
New: Windows 8 support.
Fixed: USB related issues in Windows 8.

Shadow Defender V1.1 Change History

Version - March 31, 2011
Fixed: Alter an IO command that some computers can't support.

Version - February 23, 2010
Fixed: Random BSOD.
Fixed: A bug occures when cutting a folder from an excluded folder to a normal folder.

Version - January 15, 2010
Fixed: A memory leak when coping a large file into an excluded folder.
Fixed: A bug when cutting a folder from an excluded folder to a normal folder.
New: A progress bar when committing files.
New: Program group can be customized in installation.
New: "Start with Windows" option.

Version - November 10, 2009
Fixed: Can't recover from hibernation.

Version - November 1, 2009
New: Support 64-bit OS.
New: Schedule SD to enter Shadow Mode on boot or not.
Fixed: Can't exit Shadow Mode when volume is full.

Version - March 5, 2009
Fixed: "There Is No Disk in the Drive..." Error Message When You Start Your Computer.

Version - October 6, 2008
Fixed: compatiable with Nero burning tool.
New: custom threshold free space in shadow protected volume.
New: some GUI changes.

Version - August 27, 2008
Fixed: the changes to registry database will be discarded if enter Shadow Mode immediately after install softwares.
New: add an option to delay a system reboot when exit Shadow Mode
New: add a balloon meesage when committing a big file in the background.

Version - July 7, 2008
Fixed: Force Shadow Defender not to run as a limited user.
Fixed: the installation will not be finished correctly if enter shadow mode immediately after installing softwares.
New: Security enhancement
New: Auto-sort the exclusion list

Version - June 8, 2008
Fixed: a GUI bug in Windows 2000

Version - May 28, 2008
Fixed: cannot remember commit file list while in Shadow Mode
Fixed: reboot suddenly when connectting a new hard disk in shadow mode.

Version - April 22, 2008
Fixed: conflict with Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, SPTD.

Version - April 15, 2008
Fixed: Cannot eject removable media sometimes
Fixed: Cannot enter shadow mode automatically (conflict with some antivirus softwares)

Version - April 10, 2008
New: force dismount volume before exit shadow mode
New: commit deleted files
New: do not recurse into sub-folders when committing files
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version - February 23, 2008
New: support removable media
New: some GUI changes
Fixed: some minor bugs

Version BETA - January 21, 2008
New: support committing all changes when exit Shadow Mode
New: select individual volume(s) to enter/exit Shadow Mode
New: delete diskpt0.sys(Shadow Defender's temporary file) automatically when exit Shadow Mode
New: some minor GUI changes

Shadow Defender V1.0 Change History

Version - Decemeber 27, 2007
New: defeat passdiskprotect_C.exe(a malware)

Version - Decemeber 25, 2007
New: defeat robodog(a malware)
Fixed: sometimes an annoying message will appear when rebooting pc

Version - November 5, 2007
Fixed: sometimes commit files will fail or the files committed are corrupt

Version - October 11, 2007
Fixed: sometimes system cannot shutdown properly

Version - August 30, 2007
Fixed: conflicts with FDISR
Fixed: a memory leak

Version - August 26, 2007
Fixed: conflicts with ShadowProtect
Fixed: conflicts with softwares which create virtual drives